Coffee machine Pro+ (6L)

Coffee machine Pro+ (6L)

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Ideal solution for offices and bars

By pressing just one button on the touch screen, you can prepare:

  • cappuccino
  • latte - macchiato
  • espresso
  • Americano


  • New design touch control panel
  • Increased water tank 6 liters
  • Possibility of making Americano (hot water shot + Espresso)
  • Drip tray integrated into the body of the coffee machine to collect waste water and coffee grounds with automatic indication when full
  • Enlarged bean hopper up to 1 kg with a silicone seal in the lid to preserve aromas
  • New improved Autocappuccino system for more airy milk foam
  • Ability to quickly switch between modes: water tank / water intake from the water barrel
  • Ability to connect to tap water

Discover a professional approach to coffee preparation with PRO+

Adjustable brewer 7-16 gram
Not removable
Pre-aroma system


Preheating system
Active control of the presence of coffee beans
Energy saving mode
High performance pump 15 bar
Heating system / thermoblock 2
Liquid supply system 1
Controlled drip tray for collecting residual water and coffee grounds
Service status indicator
Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program
Possibility to adjust the degree of water hardness
Possibility of short-term settings of drink parameters
Simultaneous dispensing of milk/milk foam and coffee
One or two cups of espresso per one brewing process
  • Espresso 2
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte - macchiato
  • Portion of milk/milk foam
  • Hot water
Individually programmable beverage preparation buttons 6
Possibility to block drinks
Possibility to set a password (prohibition to change the recipe of drinks in the menu and parameters during the preparation process)
Changing the screen saver
Espresso quality coffee pot
Built-in system Auto - cappuccino for the preparation of fine foam
Milk or milk foam
Using ground coffee
Grinder type Steel, conical
Number of grinders 1
Control, configuration and programming options
Programmable amount of water for making coffee
(espresso - 120 ml/coffee 300 ml)
Adjustable amount of water for each preparation process
Programmable coffee strength 8
Adjustable coffee strength for each brewing process
Programmable brewing temperature 14 options
Programmable amount of milk
Stepwise programmable hot water temperature 3 options
Programmable amount of hot water
Programmable switch-off time
(15 min.-24 hours)
Programming the automatic switch-on time
Ability to view the number of preparations for each individual drink
Integrated program for cleaning and rinsing the milk system
Automatic rinsing of the milk system
Display bar (status bar for beverage preparation and maintenance programs)
Display LCD
Height-adjustable combined spout (milk/coffee) 100-160 mm
Hot water dispenser
Recommended maximum daily output 80 cups
Water tank capacity 6 l, water intake from the container
Coffee grounds container (portions) 40 portipns
Number of coffee bean containers 1
Coffee bean container 1 kg
Power cord length 1,8 m
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power 1400 W
Wireless technologies Wi-Fi/GPRS/NFC/RFID
Weight 18 kg
Width 402 mm
Height 582 mm
Depth 511 mm