Nothing less
just the best!
About us

Nothing less - just great coffee. These words reflect perfectly Kaffit’s objectives and philosophy. No complicated technology or excess detail. Ultimate simplicity and quality that results in wonderful coffee. It"s really easy to achieve total contentment.

While we were working on the Kaffit project, we took both our experience with coffeemakers and service provision to create a range of easily-handled and stylishly-designed automatic and capsule coffee machines. It is no wonder that the Finns chose to name their masterpieces after Mediterranean towns and Italian designer. Italy, with all of its traditions in coffee, embodies a true passion for coffee and the flavour of a perfect life.

coffee machines
Stylish, durable, simple and comfortable
coffee machines
  • LUCCA Coffee&Tea
  • BARI Cream Plus
  • NIZZA AutoCappuccino

The machine is capable of making all kinds of black coffee, from Ristretto to Americano. Now you can have a hand in preparing the tastiest brew.

The rhythm of coffee emotion. A palette of unforgettable flavours.

It is perfect for lazy coffee lovers. A whole world of coffee just one press of a button away.

Professional line

  • Designer
    When these nice Finnish guys came to me with their idea I was infected with their enthusiasm and agreed to offer them my hand. NICOLA ZANETTI I liked the idea of developing a completely new brand in the world of coffee. Our cooperative process was really exciting for me, not only because we worked on a new brand, but also because we created the whole brand identity, which is everything that makes its unique. I extremly enjoyed this task from the beginning.
    Thanks to the boys from Kaffit we had no problems in terms of understanding each other. We focussed on the most important of Kaffit’s values to create products, which would most closely comply with the brand’s philosophy.
    A design award 2014 Design Quality and Innovation Category
    Tabletop innovation Award 2012 Gold Winner
    Red dot design Award 2013 Elegant and smart product 'one touch'
    Good Design Award 2011 Tabletop category
    Plus X Award 2013 Product design
  • Aromico
  • Evrico
  • Naturale
  • Restorico
  • Naturale
  • Unico
  • Naturale
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